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The Self-sufficient Employee Self-Service Software for your Enterprise

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Share the postAs a functionary of your own business empire, you wouldn’t want your administrative…

Employee Self Service

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As a functionary of your own business empire, you wouldn’t want your administrative officers to get absorbed in the time-killing documentation including the employee payroll records and miscellaneous HR application form filling procedures. Alternatively, these activities are often labeled as the ‘interruptive pest’ that can negatively ruin your focus from the spectrum of business variables. But being a Generation Y entrepreneur, you deserve the right to own the Employee Self-Service System (ESS) in your state-of-the-art environment that is designed to support the bothersome documentation tasks.

Employee Self-service Portal for the Bureaucrats & Beneficiaries

The Employee Self-Service (ESS) portal is a paperless and green platform that permits the authorized users to perform basic HR transactions like taking an in-depth view of their payroll, paychecks, printing payroll history, updating the HR information (names, addresses, vacation, sick, or other time off balances) using individual account logins on their own without intervention from the HR department.

ESS: A Time Saver Software

The digitally online time cards embedded in the ESS applications help you conserve your valuable time, while you are trekking and travelling, through your own timekeeping and attendance log sheets.

ESS Opens Channels for Open-ended & Expanded Communication

In the speedy era of communication, the ESS applications can competently offer users with a broad range of corporate communication. It provides them with a flexible option to directly converse, add/share hobbies or recreational pursuits with the virtual groups so as to boost the employee engagement.

ESS: The Collaborative Transaction App

The missionary HR technologies of the universe have switched to a highly sociable and user-friendly ESS for their recruitment, learning, and performance endeavors. The collaboration of employees with their fellow colleagues is crucial for building developmental events, knowledge culture, and other activities in an organization.

Multi-Tier Delivery Dashboard

The Human Resource Self Service Delivery Model is evidencing a changeover for many good reasons. The fusion of the Employee Self Service with Manager Self-Service and HR Help Desk services are helping in the right-sizing of the HR department by 30 percent. Using the first tier of an ESS, several HR transactions can be serviced in an efficient manner. It is the lowest tier that makes it possible for all individuals to complete their data entries on their own.

Get Started with ESS Now

Once your company is hosted with the online heuristic software, your admin panel will assist you in generating the bulk ESS accounts for all the employees and provides them with the login details to kick start the ESS on their own from anywhere.

Thus, the employee self-service portal should be implemented to enable progressive development in the cockpits of documentation, corporate record keeping, and personalization of the data in a seamless manner.

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