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Accelerate Your Hiring Process with the Profit-Centric Employee Recruitment Information Software

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Share the postUnderstanding the theory of recruitment and human capital diversity is different than putting…

Recruitment Automation

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Understanding the theory of recruitment and human capital diversity is different than putting it into practice. A speedy hiring process is one that can engage the qualitative human resources in the tracking of progress for achieving optimum returns. The software deploys a blended approach by incorporating Boolean and Radius search mechanism for filling up the permanent/contractual or internal/external requirements of the company. The watch list of the talent pool is seamlessly saved in the back-end pipeline for immediate or future use.

The spectacular recruitment software is stacked with a breed of features mentioned below:

CV Library Application Assistance Wizard

The HR software is easily integrated with your ATS to give the best application conversion rates for your vacancies in a highly organized manner. Hiring through our recruitment gateway will boost empowerment of the workforce that keeps growing with time. Our tool has the tendency to attract 60 percent of stellar candidates into our prospective client’s websites that can result in increased placements. The prospective company’s database can, therefore, cherish ongoing candidate engagement throughout this time.

Free-wheel SMS Campaigns

SutiSoft’s ubiquitous SMS software is compatible with all window operating systems, laptops, tabs, and mobile devices. It has the ability to virtually integrate itself with the SMS functionality in your newly hosted atmosphere that will make you the winner in your recruitment drill. Thus, by channelizing the short-code integration messages to millions of job hunters in a single shot will keep your diversity alive forever.

Rapid Registration Plug-in

Our adaptive recruitment management tool is combined with multiple social networking consortiums and classified job listing sites for auto-fetching of the folios or resumes. It will create WordPress job board plug-ins while synchronizing with innumerable career portals that will help the talent hunters in locating stellar profiles of perfection.

Resume Parser Software

Our in-built resume parser or CV extraction tool converts the CV document into structured XML format. The most suitable structured information formats offer hurdle free data storage, reporting and manipulation by the computer.

Automated System for Supportive Data Entry

The competent platform cuts down the cost of spending and effort of staff on managing candidate database population including social media profiles. The auto-recruitment gear enhances your resume tracking, exploring, screening, matching, analytics and reporting in the manner you want.

Flexi-switch-on & Flexi switch-off Subscription Plan:

Practically, the beneficiaries and the users of the cost-effective cloud-based recruitment software can select multiple options such as package upgrading, downgrading, temporary hibernation/cancellation and re-activation of the account depending on the requirement.

Plugging Pricing Packages:

Our recruitment suite is a big value for your invested working capital. The customer categories like the starters, premium professionals and the ultra-premium enterprise users can customize their packages as per their own distinctive needs. The offerings such as the Pay-Per-Profile, Pay-Per-Placement, Pay-Per-Volume, Pay-Per-Job-Opening and Pay-Per-Recruiting Expert are null and void of the hidden fees making the buyers experience more gratifying.

The all-inclusive recruitment software backed with the spectrum of features that comes complimentary with the packaged suite include:

  • Unlimited resume uploads
  • Social recruiting free of data limit
  • Web/email/phone/chat support
  • Employer portal & advanced system configuration
  • Onboarding scale of success
  • Easy migration & export between Word/Excel
  • Customized job alerts

The leading edge online recruitment platform designed by SutiSoft is an unbeatable solution for meeting your endless hiring objectives. Therefore, our hiring application works phenomenally in the state-of-the-art environments of branded organizations world-wide.

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