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Why You Must Leverage Applicant Tracking Software for Reports and Analytics

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Applicant Tracking Software

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While choosing an applicant tracking system, it can be helpful to expect the reporting functionality that you will be using. Reporting capabilities of an applicant tracking software solution can be instrumental in enhancing the recruitment process of an organization.

Ensuring that reporting is what you want and understand how to leverage is your greatest benefit that can aid you to raise your recruiting standards and cut your hiring expenses when done correctly.

Tracking Referral

One of the best ways to search for good candidates is via referrals from existing staff. ATS can make it easy to monitor referrals, so employees are recognized and rewarded appropriately. The success of a referral program can be monitored this way too.

Custom Reporting

Every organization differs, so custom reporting can be extremely significant. To generate customized reports can come in handy for securing top talents and figuring out how to proceed with recruitment in the long-run. Moreover, custom reporting can also be valuable for relaying recruitment information and progress to top-level management.

Reports Sourcing

Sourcing reports can reveal a ton of information on how well your branding tactics are working and what avenues are reaching the candidates. It can also show you whether recruiters and paid advertising are efficient in netting candidates. Also, you can find out how impactful your career pages and social media pages are when it comes to attracting new candidates.

When your applicant tracking solution is hooked into your other human resource management software, you might be able to cross-reference sourcing reports to look for what sources are netting your candidates with the highest returns.

Time to Recruit Analysis

Time taken to move a candidate from application submission to actionable employee directly affects the bottom line in a company. It costs labor hours to screen, interview, and remain in contact with the candidates.

Leaving a vacancy can be annoying for clients and other employees, potentially tarnishing an organization’s reputation.

At the time of hiring, reporting can provide insights into what parts of the recruitment process are lagging and where the bottlenecks are taking place. Hence, by analyzing these reports, areas that can be enhanced may be recognized readily.

Compliance Reporting

A streamlined ATS for compliance reporting can make managers and HR leaders’ lives easier. When compliance reporting is used in hiring, it can help to protect an organization against discrimination claims and can keep it from having to pay fees or suffer penalties.

Moreover, compliance reporting can also be automated, so the desired reports are created simply and filed daily to keep up with the laws and to stay covered as time passes.

Recruitment Department Activity Reports

The recruiting department may be spending a lot of effort and time on one phase of the hiring process, and this will get revealed in the activity report. It is from there that the problem can be examined.

Are the hiring team members getting bogged down with paperwork at this time or is only a particular team member holding up the process?

By revising hiring team activity, you may also be able to figure out how to save labor hours and optimize the overall recruitment process.

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  1. the article was really helpful! Since the ATS, recruiters have leveraged technology to make their jobs easier, faster, and better. Today, the dominant theme in HR technology is AI for recruiting.

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