FAQ's - Signer

To approve a Request, review the main and supporting documents, fill the custom data fields, sign the documents and click Accept / Reject.

You can create a Signature or Initial by uploading an image from your disk or by using the system generated signatures and initials. You can choose the font size and color for your signature and initial. Signature can also be created by signing on IPhone touch screen.

Yes. You can download signed / unsigned documents from SutiSign. Signed documents can be downloaded for further reference and unsigned documents can be read, signed and uploaded back to SutiSign.

Yes. You can sign documents from your IPhone or Blackberry mobile device.

Signing point indicators are shown to signers on the locations they need to complete/sign. Guidance can be turned on to assist in this process if needed. You cannot complete the signing process without completing all of the required fields.

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