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The request will remain pending and will be available in the signers account till it has been accepted or rejected. Decide Later simply saves the work that a signer may have done so far.

You can upload documents with the given file formats .doc or .ppt or .xls or .txt or .pdf or .odp or .ods or .odt or .rtf. You can also upload scanned and JBIG2 documents into SutiSign.

Document is sent by a sender from SutiSign. Sender prepares a document, adds signing points and sends to a signer. An email notification is sent to the signer with a link to sign the document. Signer clicks on the link and is presented with the document for signature.

You can generate a Number/Time Metric Reports, Detailed Reports and a Signer Reports in SutiSign.

Yes. You can export reports generated in SutiSign in .csv and .xls, .ods and .pdf formats.

Approved Requests are stored in the Request creator's and Signer's account for further use. Signed documents can be stored in the built-in repository with SutiSign or can be stored to a 3rd party system as needed. These Requests can be accessed anytime.

Once a Request has been sent for approval and approved, the signed documents are encrypted using 128bit encryption to ensure that no modifications can be made. Signed documents are accessible to users only on successfully logging-in to their accounts.

To add Documents to a Transaction Point, you need to use the Publish to Transaction Point option. Documents from selected Requests will collected and stored in the Transaction Point.

The maximum size of a document is 10MB.

Yes. You can use the Email option on the document to send documents to others as needed.

Yes. You can define fields as mandatory/non-mandatory and they will be enforced while signing.

You can define a non-editable field by selecting the corresponding option while creating/updating the custom data field. You also need to specify a default value while creating such kind of custom data fields.

Yes. You can modify the size of a signature point, custom field while creating a request by simply dragging, shrinking, by editing and defining its width and height.

Even after you delete a document, signature points, custom data fields will be available in your account for later use.

Authentication mechanisms available with SutiSign are Password and Fingerprint. Signers can authenticate themselves at login and approval times using either/both mechanisms.

Template is a framework for defining signature points and custom data for documents that are sent out frequently. You can use the same Template each time you send out these common document/s and save your time.

You can create a Request using the 1-2-3 Step method or the New Request Wizard. Request created using a wizard can later be modified to place signature points and custom data fields.

Yes, email reminders can be defined at various intervals for those who have not yet signed your documents.

You can have as many signers as you need. Signers would register through a simple registration page and your signer's accounts are always free.

Yes, email notifications can be tailored for each request that is sent out for approval.

As soon as a request is activated, notification mails will be sent to the signer/s for approval.

Yes, the solution can have your company logo and colors. When a signer signs a document, your company logo will be shown.

You can send as many as you need.

Signed documents can be emailed to email addresses. In addition, signed documents can be retrieved using the SutiSign API.

Yes. You can add additional documents to a Request for a Signer to read by creating supporting documents.

Yes, the documents can be opened in Adobe Reader and printed using the print function in Adobe Reader.

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