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Business Travel – Why Technology is Boom

Business Travel – Why Technology is Boom
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Technology is making our lives more manageable by allowing corporate travelers to book online in just a few taps on mobile devices and flight check-ins. Traditional business travel and leisure trips used to be more paper-based.

Travel Booking Can’t be Done by Yourself

Today, travel booking engines have changed the way you book travel. Whether you are on desktop or smartphone, you can book travel from anywhere, anytime and keep track of your every itinerary. You do not need to carry paper tickets all around to manage your itinerary.

Everything was Paper-Based

Earlier bookings made were in paper format, which needed to be carried everywhere they went. Also, this would result in missed receipts and delayed reimbursements. But now you can easily snap photocopies of receipts simply on the mobile phone and send over to SutiExpense. Receipts sent can be saved for months so you do not need to worry about receipt loss.

Getting to the Airport Was Expensive

Arriving on time for flights mean either booking a cab or looking for some other means of transportation. Thanks to Uber and other ride-sharing services that help customers quickly reach their destination, costs and inconveniences are a thing of the past.

Booking a Hotel was a Hassle

You have to search many travel booking sites for getting the best deals on hotels. Making reservations is also a painful task as you don’t always find a convenient option to choose. However, SutiTravel makes it easy to book flights, hotels, and cars and eliminates the hassle of searching multiple travel booking portals. You can get the best deals online and booking can be done even from your smartphone.

In addition, integrating SutiTravel with your expense report software solution allows you to import the travel data directly into the expense report system so you need not manually enter the booking details. This would result in significant time savings for your employees.

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