How An Automated System Manages Major Issues In Procurement

Eliminating Business Expense Fraud with Corporate Cards

Most business aspects are digitized to improve the efficiency of the processes. Corporate travel management is one area that is falling behind the technological advancements. Businesses have started adding virtual payments to the accounts payable life cycle. Let’s see how virtual payments can make the corporate travel management more effective.

Transactions are Comprehensive

Corporate travel is expensive, so tracking every penny employee spend is important. Having a system that tracks employee spending will make the process organized and more efficient. Corporate cards will give you transactions, which can provide a clear picture of employee spending. Also, transactions made while on business trips can be automatically imported into the expense systems; this would help you get granular details of travel expenses. Companies will have quick access to information about travel-related expenses. Getting information at your fingertips would help better understand the employees’ travel habits, identify expense trends and makes strategic business decisions.

Eliminates Fraud

Paper-based payment methods such as checks and spreadsheets are costly, inefficient and prone to fraud. More than half of the organizations still make paper-based payments and lose control over employee expenses. Corporate card transactions can help you find suspicious expense claims and makes it easy for you to red flag duplicate expense claims. Mandating corporate card usage will restrict unnecessary spending and curbs fraudulent expense claims.

On the other hand, processing expense claims also becomes easier as corporate card transactions can be reconciled easily. With corporate card transactions, you do not need to manually match up transactions with receipts as you can get every detail needed by processing an expense report. Fortunately, expense report software solution gives better relief for business owners, travel managers and other financial professionals who spend days processing expense reports. Deploying online expense report software is worthwhile and transforms the corporate travel management.

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