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How an Online Time Tracking System Boosts Workforce Safety and Productivity

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The recent pandemic has led to an increase of standard workplace processes, mainly due to a shift to remote working. Workforce time tracking is significant as businesses try to improve employees’ efficiency while working remotely and ensuring their safety in situations when they need to come into the workplace.

Doing business in the time of pandemic

Companies had to make many adjustments to safely adapt to these new ways of doing business during a pandemic. While some employees have been able to work completely remote, the few that are in essential services must still take place in person. If your company has transitioned fully to operating online, you will need to upgrade your employee time tracking processes to match the new situations.

For companies that operate in physical locations, ensuring employees are safe and feel supported is crucial. Employers must take all safety precautions necessary to keep employees safe and happy; it helps employees stay healthy and save the business any loss of employee time or productivity due to illness or stress. In addition, when your employees feel they are protected and valued, they work more efficiently, thus increasing the company’s bottom line.

Taking care of your workforce with new pandemic rules and regulations

One of the easiest and simplest ways to keep your employees safe within the workplace, during this pandemic, is to keep them as socially distanced as possible and reduce unnecessary contact and touchpoints in the workplace. Moreover, keeping the workforce from assembling in certain areas, such as around time clocks/biometric devices, in the cafeteria, or other areas, can prevent the spread of disease – a key element to keeping your business running smoothly.

Cleaning surfaces after each use is significant to employees’ safety and should be done with all shared workspaces, kitchens, washrooms, and other necessary areas in the work environment. For many companies, having someone clean the time clock or biometric device after each use is impossible. Generally, the time clock is where employees say hello to colleagues on the way in and out of the workplace and is thus a place where employee often gather, which companies must avoid now.

Using the online time and attendance system

Efficient employee time monitoring is crucial to a business function. Apart from aiding employers in understanding how employees utilize their time, efficient time tracking allows employees to gain more control over their processes and procedures in the workplace. An advanced time tracking software solution with a self-service employee portal makes it possible to retain these benefits without putting employees at risk. The employees can access the online portal through any internet-connected devices.

Using an online time and attendance system allows employees to clock in/out on their own personal devices, eliminating overlap of close contact at shared physical spaces and removing the need for sanitization of a device which all employees share throughout the day. This type of solution makes it easy for employees to complete other key tasks such as online shift scheduling, swapping shifts, requesting time off, etc. In addition, managers can review and either approve or reject their team members’ requests on the go.

Implementing a cloud-based time tracking system is quick and easy. Most companies can have the system set up within a few days, and employees can start tracking their hours immediately.

Employee accountability with the latest time tracking system

Online time tracking eliminates ‘buddy’ punching, and the advanced GPS tracking shows the employees’ exact location when they clocked in/out, reducing the chances of time theft. Also, it allows you to add job codes and track which tasks an employee is working on while clocked in for the day. This is a great advantage for employees who work remotely or from different locations throughout the day.

Improving HR efficiency

Workforce management is a significant task for the HR department; implementing an online time tracking system makes the job easy. The solution can also be easily integrated with a payroll system to export workforce time data, which helps reduce errors or discrepancies when running payroll.

Bottom Line

This last year has proved to be a challenging year for both employers and employees alike. Implementing a new technology within your business processes makes employee time tracking quick and efficient, especially for companies that have gotten used to doing more tasks online. Online/cloud time tracking is efficient, easily monitored by employers, and helps keep employees productive and compliant.

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