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Improve Employee Experiences in a Work-From-Anywhere Era

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In the past few years, businesses have recognized that improving employee experiences is essential for retaining the best talent, improving productivity, and enhancing overall business performance. Organizations that value employee experiences will see increased growth compared those companies who do not.

Though several cultural and technological aspects contribute to employee experience, one thing that matters for employees is – how easy it is for them to complete their job. Employees like being productive and recently being empowered to work from anywhere. Supporting employee health and wellbeing is essential to ensuring everyone does their best work. Technology can help play a crucial role in achieving this.

Companies have begun to deliver a new employee experience, a work-from-anywhere world. Using a cloud-based HR solution connects every employee together and provides the entire company with the tools needed to succeed. Employees can easily perform wellness checks and gain access to health and wellbeing resources. They can also participate in online learning courses to improve the most relevant skills for their role within the organization. Work can be streamlined with a connected experience that centralizes knowledge, support, and access to training and development programs.

Here, we present a few ways to deliver a rewarding employee experience and boost growth:

Keep Workforce Engaged and Productive at Work

From recruitment to onboarding plus performance and payroll processing, the technology an organization uses plays a significant role in an employee’s experience starting day one. If these systems are not integrated together, the result could be wasted time and productivity. In a remote working era where digital workspaces are the primary location for daily business activities, setting your teams up for success is critical.

Boost Productivity with One Connected Experience

Today, the world is mobile focused, connected, and personalized like never before. Provide your staff with the same modern experiences they have in life, at the workplace. Accelerate onboarding, develop talent, and connect all your systems all in one space. Centralize employee profiles, content, and access to useful apps in one customized workspace.

Implement Self Service Portals

Employees need self service tools to be healthy and productive. Centralize knowledge and self service tools into one experience to help staff find answers for any question. Empower your workforce with an intelligent self service portal, so they spend less time looking for answers and more time being productive. This helps everyone within your company quickly locate the information they need.

Supervise Employee Safety across Your Company

Employees need to be physically and mentally healthy in order to do their job effectively. They should expect their employers to protect their safety as they work and support their overall health and wellbeing even from various locations.

Secure surveys and digital dashboards allow HR teams to collect, review, and manage employee wellness and safety data from anywhere, all while respecting privacy. They can be sent instantly by email or via a mobile app where employees can securely share their wellness status and willingness to return to the workplace. These surveys show that the organization cares about employee opinions and provides everyone with the necessary information to enhance the employee experience.

Provide Health and Wellbeing Resources

Workforce safety and wellbeing are crucial for the future of work for the entire organization. Offering wellbeing resources helps maintain employee health and maintains steady engagement plus helps build flexibility.

Though the HR department has always been responsible for crafting benefit programs, supporting employees beyond regular healthcare benefits is crucial. The HR team should show that the organization cares about its employees in a new way. For example, offer HR platforms integrated with wellbeing resources that can be accessed anywhere. Employees can take a quick wellbeing assessment through the mobile app that delivers science-backed solutions for reducing stress, managing work-life balance, and more.

Offer Online Training for Staff

A strong onboarding experience is crucial to employee success. Regularly, this hinges on the hiring manager, who must gather documents, create links, and set up training for new hires. This is where the HR team can step in, not just for onboarding, but also for extensive learning throughout the entire employee lifecycle.

An integrated training solution allows you to quickly develop training content for all departments, setting the stage and easing any changes management required in times of changeovers. A customizable online HRM platform lets HR develop training modules specific to the organizations and departments’ needs.

Bottom Line

An online HR platform allows companies to better understand the employee experience at each stage of the workforce management process, so HR teams can make that journey smoother and efficient. It provides a single interface for all HR functions and also makes it easy to upgrade specific areas without affecting the user experience.

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