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SutiExpense: A Powerful Spend Analysis Tool that Takes you beyond Tracking

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Employee expenses turned out to be the second largest controllable costs after payroll in many organizations. If fail to manage these costs, it might result in major consequences-especially during an economic downturn. Companies need to take aggressive but intelligent measures to control costs so as to avoid problems in the long run. Corporate travel involves hundreds of vendors, trips and transactions. Addressing such a broad range of issues demands a comprehensive approach to manage the entire expense management process actively but wisely, without restricting the most crucial expenses. An effective and highly flexible expense management system can help businesses navigate flawlessly through a series of expenses.

Companies should streamline the business process to generate maximum value on every dollar spent. SutiExpense management software is prerequisite for companies to manage employee expenses much better. With so many features like pre-trip authorization, corporate card customization, expense type customization, checking receipts, travel portal integration and auto receipt capture, SutiExpense management software has become the top choice for businesses of all sizes. Above all, the mobile app gives the faster access to information at anytime from anywhere.

Simply put, the software builds a roadmap for your expense management program and helps create an effortless business process by giving employees and managers the flexibility they need to make and approve accurate, timely and customizable reports.

SutiExpense software will not just make you understand T & E spend but can reduce budget & labor costs, accelerates reimbursement process and increase efficiency.