SutiExpense – Managing Expenses Disruptively

Managing expenses requires extensive knowledge and deep expertise in tracking & auditing financial reports. As employees are being mobile, majority of their activities involve costs, for which reimbursement has to be done.

When done with spreadsheets, most organizations have reported difficulties in determining the valid claims due to insufficient information or inadequate reporting. In addition to this, manually inputting the details and checking each claim correctly not only takes time but can result in errors.

The Move towards Expense Management System

Analyzing data across the employee database lets you know where employees are spending too much or whether they are claiming outside the policy. However, today, T&E management need not be an issue. Expense management software can control and optimize the expense process while adhering to company policy.

SutiExpense helps reduce the cost by giving you a clear insight on employee-initiated expenditures and revenue processes, including those for travel, entertainment and other miscellaneous costs associated with business trips. We understand that not all companies need the same features to manage their expenses; hence, we give them the flexibility to choose the modules that address their specific business requirements.

Integrated with many customizable features such as pre-trip authorization, business card integration, expense type customization, and travel portal integration, SutiExpense can make it easy for you to track expenses. Above all, built as a SaaS (software as a service) model, our expense management software can be the best choice for companies looking to minimize the operating costs. When you switch to SaaS model, you need not maintain own servers, and hence you can cut down the up-front capital costs involved. Whether you want to run the software for days, hours, or minutes, SaaS based SutiExpense model would be the right fit for your organization.