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Why eSignatures are Important in this Digital Age

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Businesses see a lot of disruptions in their workflows, and signing documents is of no exception. Electronic signature software simplifies the signing process and is one of the best time-saving solutions you can implement for your business.

Today, running a business is not just about going paperless, but creating a truly integrated, seamless workflow that automates tiresome processes like sending documents for signature. If you are interested in learning about how integrating eSignatures into your business processes can significantly add value to your business processes, now is the time.

Read on to discover the key benefits your business will experience by switching to eSignature.

Never Miss Your Crucial Documents

Sending out and waiting for a paper document can lead to anxiety when those documents do not turn up when expected. The online solution enables you to track the path of a document easily and automatically route the signed document to the right people. Also, you can view when a client has read a document, be notified when they sign, and receive the signed copy immediately.

Enhance Client Experience

In today’s advanced world, people expect quick results. On average, eSignature can boost turnaround time on a signed document by 25x faster than the conventional way. Imagine the advancements in your customer service when you integrate e-signature and provide your clients with quick access to their documents. The software helps your clients sign from anywhere – including their mobile device – and meet your deadlines rapidly.

Improve Scalability

The crucial part of growing your business is to luring new customers. The online signature software saves time by simplifying the process of sending, signing, and receiving documents. So you can use the time you would have spent printing, mailing, signing, and filing a document for other significant tasks. The software helps you create templates for all of your commonly used forms and documents, pre-populate the key details, and send it out with the click of a button.

Stay Compliant and Secured

The documents created and signed through the software hold legal value. Electronic documents are also protected by precise encryption and audit trails to ensure that they are tamper-proof.

Bottom Line

Integrating eSignature is one of the quickest ways to optimize your business workflow and an easy way to see instant time savings.

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  1. Keeping clients happy is vital to running a successful business, and e-signatures is the key to achieving higher client satisfaction. Through e-signatures, you are offering your clients the ability to sign anytime they want, anywhere they want and using any mobile device they want. The signing experience becomes so much smoother and more streamlined with e-signatures.

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