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Some Common Use Cases for Online Electronic Signatures

Online Electronic Signature
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Unlike wet ink/physical signatures which require a signer to print out a document, physically sign it, scan, then fax or mail it to the firm, now, eSignatures don’t require these tedious steps and channels in order to get a signature on a document.

Electronic signatures can be easily completed and sent via any smart digital channel like a laptop, or mobile phone. It also indicates the organizations that focus on customer-facing transactions even while working remotely. The simplicity of offering and gathering eSignatures results in an excellent client experience, minimizing turnaround times, maximizing organizational effectiveness, plus enhancing compliance and overall security. Moreover, the solution eradicates paper wastage, thus contributing to a greener environment.

Moreover, making it easier for consumers to sign agreements quickly, coupled with the ability to monitor activities and send reminders will aid you in understanding the increase in document workflow productivity and ultimately positively affect the bottom line directly.

Here we present common electronic signature uses cases:

1. Procurement

This method includes endless numbers of contracts that require your teammates to sign on the dotted line. Let’s discuss these tedious procedures which support POs, SOWs, master documents, vendor compliance, and much more. Thus, by empowering your procurement department with a cloud-based electronic signature solution, it becomes simple to gather a signature from any location with guaranteed data protection and security.

Team members will receive notifications in real-time as the contract shifts through the entire eSignature workflow, so you are always informed on each step. When someone forgets to sign a document, you can quickly send reminders to them eliminating any guesswork.

With modern eSignature technology, you can turn the most complex documents into easy ones in only minutes. Receive granular insight into the signing procedure and never get stuck chasing down missing signatures again.

2. HR Professionals

In this competitive struggle to attract the best candidates, an efficient and productive HR department will help you stand out. An eSignature solution is the team’s strongest weapon of success. The team can connect workers from any part of the world and sign agreements instantly, even on the move. Consider processes that support onboarding, document acceptance, benefits, PTO, contractual agreements, exit documents, and payroll, the list goes on.

The solution aids your business in:

a. Generating a quick onboarding and hiring method
b. Saving costs by minimizing redundant expenses
c. Eradicate time-consuming activities
d. Making the best impression on tech-savvy employees

Electronic signing methods have enabled us to move quickly once we officially make any recruitment decisions so applicants receive their offer immediately.

3. Insurance

Seamless claims processing is the foundation of a thriving insurance company. However, some insurance businesses are still suffering from ineffective and past methods, which require them to chase down customers for signatures on contracts, evidence, plus supporting agreements.

The never-ending to and fro drives operational expenditures, delays the processing of claims, and leaves clients/agents annoyed and overall dissatisfied. With a robust eSignature tool, these claims are automated and streamlined. Your clients can submit forms and any necessary documentation to process claims in real-time and complete payments immediately from their mobile devices. This solution simplifies the entire document collection method, speeds up claims processing, and boosts consumer experiences.

Some other main advantages include:

a. Enhanced completion rates
b. Reduced collection times
c. Eradicated time chasing and waiting
d. Improved client experience

4. Marketing

Marketing departments always have massive improvement ideas. But do they really have the time to bring them all to life? The admin behind these various processes which support effective communication, asset approvals, brand compliance, supplier agreements, and so much more take up valuable time and energy away from the creativity of each team member. Plus, optimizing such procedures is becoming quicker and more effective when used with user-friendly electronic signature applications. Hence, lighten the burden of such workflows for your marketing team members by acquiring excellent tools for the entire company.

Your team works with a broad range of external suppliers and the process they have in place. As a result, contracts play a pivotal role in modern marketing companies. An eSignature solution provides the ability to cut the time for handling and signing documents significantly. Rather than spending multiple days passing a document around to various signatories, it can get placed into a single signing stream or workflow and be completed in only a few hours.

5. Sales

Lengthy paper-intensive sales cycles indicate less time spent on handling and maintaining robust customer relationships. Consider which process supports processing orders, setting up new accounts, adjusting compensation plans, and signing contracts. Set sales professionals up for success and receive new deals signed quickly—clients can easily sign in seconds from any browser-enabled device. The outcome is decreased compliance risk and lower operational expenses, while also generating a seamless customer experience.

From the perspective of the sales team, providing customers the option to sign documents electronically from anywhere, anytime using any smart device has proven to be beneficial for everyone. It advances the efficiency of workflows, provides customers flexibility, and goes the extra mile to increase modern working habits.

By improving the arduous business methods used, you can boost service, and security, and streamline operations. A challenging factor, however, is to decide the unique and particular ways to meet customer demands each time. Of these, eSignature solutions provide a clear-cut response to multiple questions and current concerns. The solution removes paperwork and brings efficiency to every team. Plus, it guarantees the authenticity and integrity of organizations and customer data.

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