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SutiSoft Announces a New Release of SutiProcure, a Web-Based eProcurement Solution that Simplifies the Entire Procurement Process

SutiSoft announces the release of SutiProcure 3.0, its online e-procurement solution that simplifies the management of requisitions, approvals, budgets and inventory.

Los Altos, CA (PRWEB) February 28, 2012

SutiSoft Inc., a trusted provider of Software as a Service (SaaS) and enterprise solutions, today announced the release of SutiProcure 3.0, its web-based e-procurement solution that enables purchasing goods from the best suppliers. The new release includes features such as workflows, budget allocations, tracking, multiple sourcing rules and role groups that simplify that the e-procurement process.

New Features Include:

User Based Approval Workflows

Define approvals workflows for individual users. Self limits can be defined for users which enable requisitions within the limit to be automatically approved.

Role Groups

Define role groups (group of approvers), assign role group at the time of user creation.

Invoice Approvals

Approval for invoices can be enabled or disabled based requirements. The sequence of approvers can be defined for validation before making payments.

Supply Catalog Customization

Customize supply catalogs for each location, department or both based on the users requirements.

Buyer Wish list

Goods purchased frequently can now be added as a Buyer Wish list. Enter the required number from the wish list and checkout to proceed to create the requisition.

Requisition Workflows

Requisition Workflows allows users to define the approvers of a requisition. Requisition workflows can be defined for a category, supplier, department, item and item description.

Multi Currency Purchases

Requisitions can contain multiple currencies. Based on the current exchange rates, amounts are converted from one currency to another.

Budget Tracking

Individuals can track their budget allocations and approve requisitions. Automatic email notifications are sent to the person/persons controlling the budget when amounts spent exceed the defined limit.

Sourcing Rules

Evaluate suppliers based on pre-defined purchase rules. Compare the evaluation results of one rule with another and select the best supplier/suppliers.

On-Hand Quantity

Instantly view on-hand quantities for a particular item across various warehouse locations.

Re-Order Levels

Define re-order levels for items in inventory. Automatic notifications are sent to take necessary actions.

Non-PO Based Invoices

Details of non-PO based invoices received can also be included into SutiProcure.

SutiProcure is available in multiple versions: Professional, Corporate, Enterprise and Unlimited. Visit for more info.

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