Capture Invoices

Invoice capturing made easy with our advanced OCR technology


SutiAP scans invoice documents, and extracts data accurately. Once captured, invoices can be coded, routed for approval and the data gets posted automatically into the accounting system.

Automatic Invoice Capture: OCR

Advanced OCR technology enables touchless invoice data capture by automatically extracting the data without manual entry, thereby eliminating the need to deal with invoices and data errors.

Automatic Invoice Capture OCR

Multi-channel Capture

Give vendors the flexibility to submit invoices. In addition to supporting multiple invoice formats, SutiAP allows users to capture invoices from various channels such as email, upload for bulk uploading and drag & drop through a web portal.

Attach Documents

Multi-ERP Capabilities

Achieve true automation with an ERP agnostic solution that can seamlessly integrate with any ERP solution. This means the data in SutiAP will be reflected back inthe ERP system, automating the process.

Attach Documents

Our simple drag and drop option allows users to attach documents with ease without having to dig through the file cabinets for purchase orders, receipts, or shipping notices.

Attach Documents

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