Capture Receipt

Multi-channel capture

SutiAP allows you to capture invoices from a variety of sources including fax, email, scan, or web services. Multiple formats are supported including PDF and XML. The digitization of your AP process starts here.

Automated n-way PO matching

Ensure that every detail is correct by matching invoices against purchase orders and/or delivery receipts. With SutiAP, you have the flexibility to implement 2-way or 3-way matching.

Duplicate verification

When an invoice is uploaded, the software automatically verifies all the details including invoice number to ensure that there are no duplicate invoices in the system.

Cost center allocation

SutiAP’s advanced logic automatically allocates the right invoice to the right cost center for further processing.

Apply GL code to the invoices

SutiAP automatically applies GL codes to invoices and ensure prompt processing. This helps you to sort and process your invoices easily.

Capture multi-ERP invoice data

The multi-ERP support feature allows you to capture data from more than one ERP system.

Attach documents

Sometimes, you need to manage more than just the invoice. SutiAP allows you to attach additional supporting documents such as purchase orders and shipping notices for regulatory/auditing purposes.

Multiple language support

SutiAP currently supports the following languages – English, Spanish, and French.

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