Seamless ERP Integration Accelerates Payment Processing


Integrated accounts payable solution makes payment processing easy for businesses of all sizes. SutiAP helps enterprises optimize payment processes by supporting multiple payment methods and accounting systems.

How does it Work?

You approve invoices and push data back to your ERP system and payments are handled the same way you do now. We also provide payment processing options that allow us to push payments to our payment processor.

Payment Mode

Review, Authorize, and Schedule Payments

Review, authorize, or schedule payments from the mobile device on the go. Payment controls ensure all the payments made are authorized and follows the pre-defined approval flow.

Accounting System Integration

Seamless integration with your accounting system. We support most accounting systems including QuickBooks Online/Desktop, NetSuite, Intacct, SAP and more..

Payment History (Audit trial)

SutiAP logs all interactions and timestamps all actions along with names and dates. This provides complete visibility into every transaction and makes data retrieving easy for auditing.

Paid History Detials

Display Payment Status

No matter if it is paid, unpaid, or partial paid, SutiAP makes it easy for you to track and monitor payments.

Payment Alerts and Notifications

SutiAP triggers automatic alerts and notifications for missed payments, due dates, so that you can take advantage of early payment discounts and avoid penalties.

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