Supplier Management

Making supplier onboarding seamless with a vendor self-service portal


A lack of visibility into supplier performance, regulatory compliance, and supplier risk make supplier management cumbersome. SutiSoft’s supplier management software allows you to manage supplier data effectively for improved tracking and audit trails. Our solution helps eliminate inaccurate records and creates a positive buyer-supplier relationship while providing overall visibility into duplicate invoices and supplier performance.


Onboard your vendors in minutes with SutiAP. Our solution makes vendor onboarding super easy by collecting documents, verifying and notifying vendors about events - all automatically.


Vendor Profiling/Grouping

Organize vendors into groups based on payment terms, ledger accounts, product codes, tax groups, and more. Grouping vendors makes it easy to send or schedule emails and invite suppliers for a sourcing events.

Vendor Group

Collect Contracts

Easily view contracts related to any purchase and track the status of every contract along with the business terms you’ve agreed upon.

Self-service Supplier Portal

The vendor self-service portal allows suppliers to update their onboarding information easily, submit invoices for payment and process payment inquiries.

Self-service Supplier Portal

Invoice Management

Create, submit, and track invoices quickly with our invoice management software. Our software can easily extract the data, validate information, and prepare the invoice for processing..

Vendor Rating

Rank vendors based on quality, performance, reliability, price, compliance, or a set of mixed variables, making supplier selection easy for businesses.

Vendor Reports

Build customizable reports such as early payment discounts, invoice aging, recurring invoice, spend by vendor, and more to help you quickly identify potential bottlenecks and exceptions in just a few clicks.

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