Intelligent Invoice Matching

Robust matching engine to enable touchless invoice processing


Duplicate payments, inaccurate data, and fraudulent invoices are the three key challenges in invoice processing. Our robust matching engine eliminates many of the inefficiencies by automating invoice matching with deliveries, purchase orders, and receipts based on company’s rules and highlights mismatches for review and correction.

What is 2-way, 3-way, and 4-way matching?

2-way, 3-way, and 4-way are three matching mechanisms that can match invoice data with purchase order and receipts based on the predefined business rules. Mismatches are identified based on the tolerance levels set for unit price, quantities, items, and amounts. Our matching engine automatically matches invoices against several POs, receipts, and flags data anomalies based on the defined deviation levels.

2-way Matching

Automatically matches the invoice unit price, quantity, item, and amount information to the purchase order information.

3-way Matching

Automatically matches the invoice data with the purchase order data along with the receivable data.

4-way Matching

Automatically matches the invoice data with the purchase order, receivable, and accepted data.

Matching Criteria

Exception Management

SutiAP automatically flags price variances, quantity variances, and routes any other exceptions to approvers for validation before the invoice is sent for approval. Tolerance levels can be defined for quantity, price, and other key parameters, so anything that exceeds the tolerance levels will be flagged automatically.

Exception Management

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