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The New Version of SutiCRM Enhances your CRM Experience

SutiSoft announces the addition of new features to SutiCRM, its online customer management solution.

Los Altos, CA (PRWEB) Dec 12, 2016

SutiSoft Inc., a trusted provider of easy-to-use cloud-based mobile business management solutions, today announces the addition of new features to SutiCRM, its online customer management software solution. These added features of the software help businesses mange their customers' requirements with ease.

Case Escalation:

In SutiCRM, you can configure case escalation rules which will help users reassign cases to other support representatives if cases are not resolved within a specified time period.

Auto Responders:

This feature helps organizations engage the leads with products or services in order to close deals more effectively.

SutiCRM enables users to generate automatic replies and follow-up emails to leads and customers.

Visitor Tracking:

Visitor tracking focuses on individual behavior, where companies can easily track from where prospects are coming, what prospects are clicking, average time spent, and how frequent visits are.

For more details about the solution please visit: or call us at 650-969-SUTI(7884)

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