Activity Management


Visitor Tracking

Track visitor information such as pages visited, geographic information, time spent, and actions performed on each web page into SutiCRM.

Email & Calendar

Synchronize calendar with your Google and Outlook calendars and link recurring tasks to contacts and emails.

Multi-User Calendar

View all events and appointments at a glance by merging multiple calendars into one.

Mass Emailing

Choose a pre-defined email template from the template library and send emails to multiple contacts at a time while personalizing the message for each recipient.

Document Management

Document management allows you to create, edit, store and share documents securely with your co-workers or external users. It helps to improve communication and collaboration across your organization.

CRM Document Management System

Mass Editing

Edit and update records in bulk.

Advanced Searching

Advanced search options help you find specific records easily.

Data Import/Export (CSV, XLS & Other Standard Formats)

You can easily import/export CSV, XLS and other standard formats with SutiCRM.


  • Create and assign tasks for participating individuals of the marketing & sales cycle.
  • Create reminders to notify users of their assigned tasks.
CRM Task Management


You can store information such as comments, reminders and questions about a lead, account or task for quick reference.


Call Logs

Record all inbound and outbound call details while being able to search by various criteria.

Update Call log


Create and schedule web-based or in-person events to promote your products or services.

CRM Event Management


  • Customize email contents or use built-in templates to quickly send emails to your leads and customers from within SutiCRM.
  • We provide a built-in inbox where you will receive all incoming emails from your customers.
CRM Email Activity

Other Features