Sales Automation


Sales Automation

SutiCRM Sales Force Automation (SFA) automates business tasks from lead generation to sales forecasting. It includes Contact Management, Opportunity Management, Lead Management, Reports, Dashboards, Territory Management, and more. SutiCRM helps you collaborate with your team to effectively achieve sales targets.

Manage Leads

  • Capture leads from various sources such as campaigns, website, phone call, social media, and more.
  • Assign leads automatically by using workflow automation.
  • Qualify leads into opportunities and automatically transfer information into customer accounts and contact lists based on your requirements.
CRM Lead Management

Web Lead Capture

Create and embed customized web forms on your website. Track leads from web forms while automatically capturing them into SutiCRM. Assign leads to the appropriate salespeople based on specific criteria such as geographic region, activity, and more.

Contact Management

  • Create and track contact information such as address, mobile, social accounts, and more.
  • Track all follow-up activities all from a single interface.
Contact Management System

Opportunity Management

Opportunity management enables sales teams to collaboratively close deals faster by sharing sales information, tracking deal progress, updating deal information, managing opportunity milestones, and recording deal related information.

Update Opportunity

Territory Management

Simplify the complex sales structure and analyze sales patterns of each territory through customer segmentation.

Sales Quota Management

Define periods for quotas and track progress at the representative, group, account manager, and administrative levels.

Customized Quotes

  • Create customized quotes for opportunities. Add line discounts, taxes, and shipping/handling charges to a quote.
  • Company details required to be included in quotes can be configured.
  • Customize quote templates with your logo, terms & conditions, additional fields, and more.
  • Generate PDF files for quotes and send directly from SutiCRM.
Update Quote

Sales Analytics

A graphical representation of sales performances provides a real-time snapshot of day-to-day operations of the sales pipeline. Track your sales team’s performance and predict sales with real-time dashboards. Get a comprehensive analysis of your sales pipeline stages for improved decision making and increased profitability. Track the sales conversion rate based on geographic location, territory, region, and duration.

Sales Orders & Invoices

Generate sales orders and send invoices to customers against the purchase orders received.

Invoice Management System

Account Management

Account management helps organize your client interaction in a single view. Track the history of each account and analyze opportunities for upselling or cross-selling products/services.

  • You can set automated notifications to customers and representatives prior to expiration of customer accounts.
  • Record all conversations, requests, and feedback associated with the account and share with your team for effective communication.
  • View the complete call record associated with an account.
CRM Account Management

Forecast Sales

  • Forecast revenue for opportunities on a quarterly, half yearly, and yearly basis.
  • Graphical view of 12 months rolling forecast for all products.
CRM Forecasting Tools

Revenue Waterfall Model

Account management helps organize your client interaction in a single view. Track the history of each account and analyze opportunities for upselling or cross-selling products/services.

  • Record details of planned and actual sales numbers.
  • Generate waterfall models of forecast, planned and actual sales revenues for a period of up to five years.
  • View waterfall models based on geography, territory, region, employee, and the opportunity stages
  • Revenue model of the current year can be presented in a graphical view.
Waterfall CRM

Sales Collateral

Share marketing collateral, email proposals, and confidential documents with your sales team based on role.

Role-Based Security

Define access rights, enforce data sharing rules, share CRM data, and enable data sharing among individuals or groups.

Sales Tracking

Keep track of each stage of the sales process, share insights, and collaborate with your team to achieve targets. Quickly find specific information using filters.

Other Features