Service Support


Support Service Analytics

  • Dashboards help monitor and gain insight into the factors affecting your service performance and address any issues to improve customer churn rate.
  • Increase sales by embedding tailored cross-selling offers to customer service representatives.

Manage Contracts

  • Create and manage contracts for various customers. Renew contracts periodically.
  • Automatic email notifications will be sent to customers 7 days prior to expiration of their existing contract.
SutiCRM Contract Management Software

Manage Cases

  • Customers can post problems encountered and track their statuses.
  • Track various types of cases and assign them to respective teams for resolution.
  • View the status of every case in the resolution process and ensure no cases remain unresolved.
  • Publish solutions to the knowledgebase categorized by frequency of occurrence, severity, and more.
  • Automatic email notifications to customers and representatives when a case is created.
  • Notification to customers and representatives for unsolved cases after 24hrs of case assignment.
CRM Case Management

Knowledge Base

  • A centralized repository of resolved cases for customer reference.
  • Customers can easily find solutions for their issues by referring to related solutions.
CRM Solution Information

Customer Profiling

Detailed history of a customer such as company details, contact people, products purchased, and payment terms is maintained to understand their purchasing pattern, which can help plan your up-selling and cross selling strategies.

CRM Customer Profile

Other Features