Accounting system integration

SutiAP integrates with your ERP system and ensures a seamless AP workflow from the receipt to payment.

ACH payment support

SutiAP supports ACH payments schedules, whether one-time or recurring. It helps you process payments faster and take advantage of any discounts.

Payment history

SutiAP lets you maintain a history of all payments. Advanced search and retrieval options make finding past payments and details easily.

Display payment status

SutiAP allows you to track and monitor invoices and payments in real-time.

Supplier portal

Work closely with your suppliers using the supplier portal. This portal helps you communicate with your suppliers effectively and resolve any issues in invoices and payments quickly and conveniently.

Advanced reports and analytics

Use your data efficiently and productively. SutiAP’s advanced reporting and analytics capabilities allow you to gain insights from your business operations and take steps to optimize the process.

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