Executive Team

Do your different business applications talk to each other?

The executives at Sutisoft have one passion - to bring you the world's most powerful SaaS applications that seamlessly integrate with your business.

ND Reddy
Founder and CEO

ND Reddy has been driving the company's strategy and execution since its launch in 2009. He is a thought leader with a powerful vision for the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) industry. A passionate technology entrepreneur, under ND's guidance, the company has launched over 30 innovative software solutions ranging from expense management to advanced biometric authentication. These solutions serve a wide range of businesses - from SMBs to large enterprises - today.

ND Reddy has done it before. He founded Alliance Semiconductor Corporation (ALSC), took the company to its IPO in 1993, and within 3 years achieved a market cap of $2 billion. Under his leadership, Alliance was recognized as one of the 8 fastest growing companies in the U.S. by Forbes magazine. In 2001, the company was also identified as one of the most profitable on the Fortune 500 list.

As an entrepreneur, ND invests and sits on the board of a number of fast-growing startup companies. His areas of interest include software, semiconductors, and consumer electronics.

He holds a Bachelor's in Engineering from Osmania University, a Master's from North Dakota State University, and an MBA from Santa Clara University. In the past, he has received significant industry recognition including an “Entrepreneur of the Year” award by a consortium of Inc. Magazine, Ernst & Young, and Merrill Lynch.

Ven Reddy
Chief Technology Officer

Ven brings thought leadership in defining UI/UX, architecture and scalability of SutiSoft platforms. He is responsible for integration of the different solutions with each other and with third party applications. As a result of his efforts, the SutiSoft platforms are one of the most robust and extensible in the industry today.

Ven has been pioneering early stage technologies since 1987. He has founded XtraCool.com, a peer-to-peer network for Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Web, and Wireless users. He was also a co-founder of ArtInsider.com, an online retailer which was acquired in 2001.

His past experience also includes corporate leadership roles at Intel and Alliance Semiconductor. At Alliance, he managed several key functions including Corporate IT/IS, and software development, product support, and marketing for the video graphics chipset product line.

Ven holds degrees in Information Systems and Electrical Engineering from San Jose State University.

Dave Roe
Vice President Operations

Dave is responsible for developing and customizing solutions to meet the requirements of our global customer base. His team engages with end-users, identifies requirements, and deploys impactful solutions. Dave also leads the global customer training and support function.

He has over 19 years of IT leadership experience. In his last role, Dave led the internal IT department at Alliance Semiconductor. He was responsible for building the IT department from the ground up and providing IT support to the different divisions including finance, management, administration, engineering, logistics, and worldwide operations. Dave also enabled the creation of a 300+ person design center in India.

Dave holds a Bachelor's in MIS from San Jose State University.