New Features Enhance Employee Classification and Profile Management in SutiHR

SutiSoft Inc., a leading provider of easy-to-use cloud-based online business management solutions, announces updates to the Personnel and Organization modules within SutiHR. These new features help HR Administrators easily categorize and identify employees for their unique qualities, skills, and contributions.

Some new features include

  • HR Administrators can create various 'New Employee Tag Types' which can be used to categorize employees based on various attributes. Employee Tags offer the best way to recognize employees for their unique qualities, skills, and contributions
  • HR Administrators can assign 'Access Tags' and set permissions for employees. Based on the access permissions, employees (generally Admins) can view and edit documents, compensation, and performance details of other employees
  • HR Administrators can now add employees' gender identity and pronouns to their personal details page when creating a new employee record or updating an existing employee's record
  • HR Administrators can add employees' hire and separation dates to 'Separation History,' if they have joined and left the organization multiple times
  • HR Administrators can now upload documents into selected folders as needed when uploading multiple documents at once within employees' personal records
  • HR Administrator can now rename and/or remove a document from a folder as needed
  • When creating company news, HR Administrators can enable the auto-recurrence option as needed and define a recurrence pattern. HR Admins can set start and end dates for the recurring emails, select whether the email should be sent daily, only specific days of the week, and/or on specific days within the month
  • Employees can now export the address book to PDF and view their colleagues' details, such as email ID, hire date, photo, job title, and department
  • HR Administrators can now generate the 'Seniority Report' and view the length of service or tenure of employees within a business unit
  • Users can now configure the mobile application's language (English or Spanish) according to their preferred language

With the new features for employee classification and documents management, SutiHR continues to lead the way in transforming HR management.

We’d love your feedback as we work on additional features. Please visit SutiHR or call us at 650-969-SUTI(7884) for more information.

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The latest additions to SutiHR empower HR Administrators to efficiently organize employee documents, rename or delete documents, and create company news with recurring notification emails.

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