How does SutiHR help with recruitment?

Online recruitment software is a module in SutiHR, a comprehensive human resource management solution. With this module, the recruiters of an organization can manage the entire gamut of activities associated with recruitment from getting new employee requisitions from functional managers to handing out offer letters and onboarding new employees. By automating different sub-tasks in the process, our online recruitment software module helps organizations save manual effort and time and acts as an invaluable companion to its HR team. In essence, they now have an intelligent assistant.

What benefits can you gain by deploying our recruitment software?

Is your HR team still using manual recruitment methods? Do they expend too much time filling forms, tracking applicants, or sourcing resumes? Do you feel that your HR team is not functioning as efficiently as it should?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then SutiHR is the right solution for you. Here are some of the benefits you can gain by deploying SutiHR’s online recruitment module:

  • Efficient and effective recruitment for the organization
  • Improved communication and better engagement with candidates throughout the process
  • Automation of mundane tasks to reduce manual efforts
  • Reduction in recruitment costs
  • Easy and simplified onboarding
  • A well-defined and streamlined recruitment workflow
  • Accurate workforce planning
  • Sourcing candidates and resumes from multiple sources
  • Customizable to suit organizational requirements
  • A complete overview of the recruitment process
  • Better branding for employers
  • An extensive talent pool
  • Integrates seamlessly with other applications
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Optional additional modules for end to end human resource management

How does a typical recruitment process with this software work?

Typically, the recruitment process with this software starts with requisitioning. A functional head who has a resource request raises a requisition which is received by the HR team. The HR then uses the existing talent pool or sources new resumes from different sources like job portals, e-mails, or the company job board. From this list of candidates, the functional manager shortlists some who are then invited to an interview or the next step in the recruitment process depending on the organization. The software checks the interviewer’s calendar and schedules interviews when he/she is free. Based on the feedback, the candidate is either handed an offer letter or given the refusal. On the joining date, the onboardig activities can be carried out (these vary from organization to organization).

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