SutiHR’s Recruitment Module Makes the Hiring Process Faster and Smarter

SutiSoft Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based and mobile business management solutions, today announces updates to the recruitment module of SutiHR, its online HR management platform. The latest features ensure businesses execute best practice talent sourcing and recruitment strategies while dramatically increasing their hiring performance.

The software delivers an enhanced user experience for engaging the modern day employee.

The new updates include:


Managers can generate requests for resources to HR managers.

HR managers can review requisitions and easily assign them to the appropriate approvers. Add multiple approvers for a single requisition and bypass the approval workflow if necessary.

The application automatically triggers notifications to requisition approvers. The requisition approvers can either accept or reject a requisition through email without logging into the system.

Hiring Pipeline

At any stage of the hiring process, HR managers can archive a resume. Resumes that are archived will not be available in the hiring pipeline. All archived records are made available on the resumes page where HR managers can restore the resumes to their previous stage if they decide to revisit a particular candidate.

HR managers also have an option to ‘reject and archive’ a resume at the same time.

Email Templates

Email templates save HR managers time and keep business messaging consistent. SutiHR provides several default email templates that can be used during the employee recruitment process.

HR managers can create email templates with default subject lines and any email created in the application can be saved as a template before being sent.


HR managers can send emails such as interview invitations, announcements, rejection and acceptance letters and more to multiple candidates simultaneously.

Reminders are automatically sent to interview panel members before the interview time. Notifications requesting interview feedback are also sent once the interview has concluded.

An email log option allows HR managers to view the email delivery status, including if an employee has viewed the email. Please visit SutiHR or call us at 650-969-SUTI(7884) for more information.

About SutiSoft

SutiSoft provides a comprehensive suite of cloud-based business platforms and solutions for companies of all sizes. These platforms include scalable and easy-to-use solutions for HR, Employee Travel & Expense, Wireless Spend Management, CRM, Document Management, Business Data Analytics, and Electronic signature. Our platforms and solutions enable small, mid-size, and large enterprise customers to control costs, save time, and assist in making smart business decisions. Headquartered in Los Altos, California, SutiSoft also has regional offices in Germany, India, and Japan. For additional information, visit our website at SutiSoft.

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