How does online invoicing software simplify the payment process?

Do you need to send invoices out quite often? Are you tired of waiting forever to receive acknowledgements or payments? Are you looking to deploy an online invoicing software solution that can help you send professional invoices and help you manage payments?

Look no further. SutiInvoice, an online invoicing software solution that allows organizations to send online invoices within minutes, can do all that and more. Its state-of-the-art technology accelerates your billing and invoicing processes by streamlining the processes of creating estimates, managing approvals, sending invoices online, and receiving online payments. It is your one-stop shop for managing the entire estimate to payment cycle.

How does it work?

You have the option to build your estimate from the scratch using our intuitive line items including client name, quantity, amount, discounts, etc… or use one of the available templates. Simply populate or modify the line items as necessary.

Sending it to your client is easy. You can once again use the line items to create new clients or import an existing client list. Once you’ve created the estimate, select the client(s) you want to send it to and click send. Voila! Your estimate is on its way. You can convert approved estimates into invoices and send them too.

Managing payments is just as easy. You have the option to integrate with Amazon and PayPal to receive online payments or track your offline payments.

Other Key Features

SutiInvoice comes with many features and benefits including:

Reporting: What is the average time for a payment cycle? How many invoices are outstanding? How many clients pay on time and how many of them delay? Get answers to all these questions easily. You can easily pull extensive reports and analyze data to gain insights.

Recurring invoices: Invoice software solutions allow you to automate the process of sending recurring invoices to your long-term customers. You can also configure the system to send out reminders periodically.

Multiple language/Multiple currency support: Have overseas customers? No need to worry. Want to impress your clients across the Atlantic by sending invoices in their own languages? No problem. This software offers multiple language/currency support.