Expense report software can help automate the expense reporting process while allowing your employees to quickly capture receipts, add expenses and submit reports on the go. Robust features such as voice-based expense reporting, chatbot, multi-level approval workflows, credit card reconciliation and business rules engine makes SutiExpense an ideal fit for businesses of all sizes. The user-friendly interface, customization, and ease of integration gives SutiExpense an edge in the industry.

How does It Work?

Simplifying Your Expense Reporting Process End-to-end


Expense Report Software

File Expenses
Create, submit, and manage your expense reports on the go with our intuitive mobile app. Integrated travel booking, voice-activated expense reporting, and AI-powered chatbot makes expense reporting effortless for both employees and the finance department.

Cloud Expense Software

Approval Workflow
Configure multilevel approval workflows as needed and set triggers & notifications to avoid approval delays. Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps to enforce spend policies and automatically routes expense reports to the right people for approval.

Cloud Expense Software

SutiExpense accelerates the reimbursement process by supporting multiple payment gateways such as check, ACH payment and more. Your employees can be paid in just a click of a button without having to wait for weeks and months for reimbursements.

Cloud Expense Software

Spend Analytics
Get instant information at your fingertips on expense approvals, receipts, credit card transactions, claims, and more using our advanced reporting capabilities. Our wide-array of reports helps organizations identify spend anomalies on a periodic basis.

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Key Features

Intuitive, Simple, Intelligent Cloud Expense Reporting Software

Travel Booking Integration

The integrated travel booking solution allows you to book your trip with ease, while complying with company policies. Travel data can be easily pulled into your expense reporting software, eliminating the need for data entry.

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Travel Booking Integration

Automated Receipt Capture

No more missing receipts, simply use a mobile phone to capture receipts and add them to your expense report. Our OCR engine reads the receipt and automatically populates the data for you, so you don't have to.

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Automated Receipt Capture

Voice-activated Chatbot

Create, submit, and approve/reject expense reports using your voice. Attach receipts, import transactions, search for the flights online and tell SutiExpense what you want and the chatbot does it for you.

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Voice-activated Chatbot

Flexible Approval Workflows

Configure multi-level approval workflows based on user, role, GL code, project and more. SutiExpense routes reports automatically to approvers based on threshold amounts and integrated eSignature solution enables users to securely sign reports online.

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Flexible Approval Workflows

Reports & Analytics

Slice and dice the data the way you want with our wide-array of reports and analytics capabilities. You can create custom reports or leverage our library of standard reports to get complete insight into your business expenses.

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Reports & Analytics

AI Powered Expense Report Auditing

SutiExpense leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to audit expense reports. The AI powered expense system detects spend violations such as duplicate expense claims, receipt data discrepancies, out of policy spends, and other erroneous expenses that are flagged in real-time. Data insights and notifications provide a robust audit experience.

Budget Controls

Define budget controls by role and department to easily view spending throughout the organization. Approvers can make decisions prior to approving requests or expenses..

Accounting/ERP Integration

Seamless integration with accounting, ERP, and payroll solutions allow data to flow seamlessly between SutiExpense and external applications.

Credit Card Integration

SutiExpense seamlessly integrates with corporate and personal cards, enabling you to easily pull transactions into the solution without the need for manual entry.

Integrate your Expense Data with Other Applications

Seamless integration with QuickBooks, NetSuite, Salesforce, Intact and more allows data to flow seamlessly between SutiExpense and external applications.

Effortless expense reporting on the go

Capture expenses wherever you go and complete your entire report from the mobile app. Free native mobile apps for Apple and Android allow users to easily capture, submit and approve expense reports online anywhere, anytime.

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Integrated Spend Management Platform

SutiSoft’s enterprise spend management solutions enables businesses to control and optimize spend processes from a single interface. Our comprehensive spend management platform includes Travel Booking, Expense Reporting, Accounts Payable, Procurement and Analytics solutions that help you effectively manage spend throughout the enterprise. With the integrated cloud-based solutions, you can easily gain insight into company spend while finding new savings opportunities and improving the bottom line.

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September, 2021

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