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Administer your Employee Benefits the Easy Way

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HR software is not meant to just manage employee records but also help in administering employee benefits in a much better manner. Managing employee benefit options can be an overwhelming task if not done the right way.

Doing it with spreadsheets, documents and post-it notes can result in data disparencies and miscalculations. When you have SutiHR in place, you’ll never worry about administering benefits. Right from payroll deductions to enrollment forms, everything can be managed the easy way.

SutiHR supports various health plans such as health, life & disability, FSA (flexible savings account), HSA (health savings account) and other types of retirement plans such as 401K & 403B. Each plan can be segregated into sub categories and the benefit type can be customized.

Our software allows you to make benefit choices to suit employee needs and administrators have complete control over maintenance of the benefit scheme and the enrolment process.

You can gain complete visibility over the benefit information, which makes it easy for you to get an idea about the complete process. Moreover, employees can view the complete details of the enrolled benefits and understand the deduction process easily.

All the details regarding the enrolled plans of each employee will be sent to the TraxPayroll system, which is a payroll processing system that can process employee salaries as per the American payroll standards.

TraxPayroll software calculates everything including annual salary bonus, commission, allowances, and other plans or benefits that employees have enrolled in respectively.

With so many options available to choose from, you can get to know what’s happening with employee benefits and get a clear picture about the deductions. All these make SutiHR an invaluable investment for enterprises of all sizes.

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