Avoid Paying for Travel Overages by Accurate Mileage Tracking

Traveling on business trips is one of the key areas where organizations are more vulnerable to fraud. When your employees are on a business trip, they may commute to a number of places that include both personal and business purpose. So, how can you figure out whether your employees are raising requests for their personal or business travel? A mileage tracking system is the solution for you. In order to help you separate personal automobile use from reimbursable business travel, SutiExpense ben updated with a new mileage feature that allows you to differentiate other travel miles from business-related reimbursements.

With the mileage tracking feature, travelers and companies can easily comply with the company’s mileage reimbursement policy. This feature helps you track when your employee is commuting for personal or commercial purpose. SutiExpense integration with Google Maps helps you track the number of miles travelled, thus easing the process of calculating the total miles traveled throughout the business trip. In this way, every travel can be tracked and the costs associated with the business travel can be calculated easily. All you need to do is to just start the mileage tracking application while you start commuting. The rest will be taken care of by our application.

Also, it is important for businesses to know whether an employee has attended a particular meeting or met a client. Our mileage tracking application can also help track your employee location wherever they go.

With SutiExpense, you calculate mileage expenses accurately and avoid paying for overages.