Avoiding Costly HRM Mistakes

It is not uncommon for mistakes to happen in business processes and HRM is no…

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It is not uncommon for mistakes to happen in business processes and HRM is no exception. Since it is one of the most important strategic business functions of the organization, any mistakes in HRM can adversely affect all the other business functions. In this post, we will take a look at some common HR mistakes and the steps we can take to avoid them.

Inefficient recruitment

Hiring is where a lot of mistakes tend to happen. Because of inefficient recruitment practices and lack of clarity in responsibilities and descriptions, it is common to see people who have insufficient work experience or people who don’t fit in with the work culture being hired. Another reason is the simple rubbing off of the job to HRM professionals without high-level buy-in.

This can be avoided by having a coherent strategy towards hiring and attaining buy-in from the senior management.

Performance management and feedback

Other mistakes in HRM happen in performance management. By doing performance management by rote and not giving helpful feedback, organizations actually waste time in doing the annual activity. It also serves to hit the morale of employees and will reflect on the way they perform in the future.

Performance management can be made more meaningful by rethinking the reason for it. Instead of thinking of it as an activity that has to be done every year, they should think of the results they expect and work back from there. Do they just want to be seen doing something or do they really want to make a difference?

Document handling

Administrative activities are often monotonous and boring, which can lead to mistakes. Document management is one of these. HR professionals often misplace and misfile documents, which can lead to embarrassment at best and regulatory headaches at worst.

This can be avoided by digitizing every document and managing them through a centralized DMS. This is offered as part of the online HR software platform and helps make everything efficient and streamlined.

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