Create and Enforce Spending Policies. Make Spending Sensible.

Many small and mid-sized companies are mainly focused on two key areas: managing expenses and growing revenues, which will in turn help them grow their businesses. Spending happens in every aspect of a business and is common for individuals, departments, and executives to manage their travel itineraries, expense report submissions, and reimbursements from finance team. But the surplus expenses are the ones that bother the finance team and affect the company’s overall revenue.

One of the best ways to stop these endless expenses is to set boundaries and enforce spending policies based on organization. Also, automating the business processes and approval workflows achieve improved employee compliance to enforced policies.

By establishing spending policies that encircle all company spending, the finance team can then make significant progress into increasing revenue and reducing costs. Automated expense report software is the only tool that helps reducing complications involved in submitting expense reports and fastens the reimbursements for out-of-pocket expenses. It enables policies to be visible for employees when spending requests are made and significantly reduces the time spent on calculating surplus expenses for finance team.

Our automated expense report software, SutiExpense, includes business analytics which has the ability to scrutinize expenses from variety of areas, such as by employee, expense, company, department, and more. This detailed report can be used to identify the areas where spending is more, what is working and helps creating new policies accordingly.

You now have a technology tool that can curb employee spending and prevent fraud.