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Delegate & Alternate Approvers Make your Expense Reporting Workflow Easy

Does your application allow you to submit expenses on behalf of others? If no, then you might consider choosing an expense report software that will. Today’s expense applications support delegate and alternate approvers, offering an easy way to manage the expense reporting process.

The delegate feature allows you to capture receipts and your colleagues can complete and submit expense reports on your behalf. When assigned, delegates can see corporate card feeds, access receipts, and submit expense reports. In case you submit your expenses, delegates won’t change your workflow. Employees those who require others to submit their expenses can make use of the delegate feature. This would save significant amount of time and would expedite the approval process.

Delegates makes the expense workflow process smooth and hassle-free. Any employee can be assigned as a delegate and can be allowed to submit expenses on the behalf of anyone. The process is very simple; as a business traveler you have to upload receipts into the application and then your delegate will finish the submission process. If a company card is used by multiple employees, then all of them can submit the transactions incurred. The delegate feature makes the expense reporting process more powerful and accessible to everyone. This feature works well for card transactions and is helpful for teams having assistants making expenses on their behalf in the office.

Similar to the delegates feature, alternate approver is another feature that allows you to assign other employees to approve expenses on your behalf. Your report approval process should not get stuck all the way just because your approval manager is on leave. Here, the alternate approver feature comes into picture. Using this feature, you can automatically re-route the expense reports to the other manager whom you want to review and approve on your behalf. Likewise, you need not wait for either submission or approval process, everything can be done with the latest expense report software.