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Essential Features to Optimize Your Employee Attendance Management

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Employee Attendance Management

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From conventional punch cards to new access cards and biometric systems, monitoring working hours of employees has been an important process. All the employees are expected to monitor their clock-in time once they enter for work and clock-out time when they leave for the day. But, most employees fill out their timesheets in a rush, right before they leave their workplace.

In a few organizations, this process takes place on the last day of the month, just before they turn in timesheets to the human resource department. Maintaining timesheets manually takes a toll on employee morale and productivity. Filling out employee working hours weeks after the actual working day will lead to inaccuracies and more.

Without employee attendance management software, companies have to face payroll errors, compliance problems, and more. Replacing paper-based timesheets with a suitable attendance management system can aid companies to minimize administrative task, save hours, eliminate process drawbacks, and retain appropriate employee attendance records.

Essential Features Employee Management Software Should Have

Attendance management systems are created according to different requirements, and few have better functionalities than others. When you are searching for a new technological solution, you want to select the best. However, every organization has its unique requirements, here are a few significant features that all businesses needs and should not compromise on.

Cloud-based Attendance Management System

A cloud-based employee attendance system enables you to gather, monitor, store, and display updated timesheets, and allow HR professionals to get rid of Excel spreadsheets and paper documents.

Storing employee attendance details and timesheets in a centralized attendance management system will ensure data integrity, develop employee productivity, increase accuracy, minimize administrative work, lower admin costs, and increase the efficiency of HR professionals.

Online attendance management software will eliminate incorrect time entries, maintain proper records of attendance data, eliminate missed punches without any supervision. The HR department does not have to sift through the heap of timesheets to retrieve the working hours of employees or process payrolls.

The software displays all associated time information in a single interface, saves effort and time that HR leaders put into maintaining, storing, and assessing all attendance records manually.

Working Remotely

By leveraging a cloud-based attendance management system, companies can appease employees who don’t want to get tied inside an office cubicle. For salespeople, remote working is a regular work life routine. The managers can no longer make do with on-premise attendance trackers.

They need an omnichannel, easily accessible attendance management software that monitors check-in and check-out time of employees on the move. Time and attendance management software must go beyond just tracking the presence of employees. A perfect solution will enable managers to send alerts concerning employee overtime, missed punches, and more.

Time and attendance app enables companies to track employee working hours even when they are working remotely. Employers and HR leaders can access the collected information at any time and from anywhere.

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  1. Attendance tracking is the most important aspect for optimum workforce management since it forms the crux for various HR related tasks, including HR administration, payroll, etc. Due to continuous advances in technology, various options are now available to maintain track of employees’ attendance.

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