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Handling A Multi-Generational Workforce with HR Software

Handling A Multi-Generational Workforce with HR Software

Managing a multi-generation workforce is a new challenge for HR departments. Different demographics have unique values and expectations, but there are also common features of a satisfying workplace. Every employee, irrespective of their role, values an attentive and challenging work environment with career development opportunities. A comprehensive HR software solution helps businesses to establish an engaging workplace.

Recruiting the right employees is important but it’s only half of the task; HR departments’ should also focus on engaging and retaining top talent. Flexible work schedules are one of the major demands of today’s workforce. Though it is hard to implement without advanced systems, it helps promote a healthy work-life balance. HR management systems with shift scheduling features allows HR professionals to create and assign shifts the employees would prefer to work. By giving employees a chance to suggest which part of the day works best for them helps enhance engagement since employees can tailor their shifts to any special needs. This also enables HR departments to predict any scheduling conflicts, which means fewer absences.

Social tools at the organizational level have become popular today. Establishing an internal social network is a great way to increase workforce engagement.These social tools help employees connect with their colleagues, encourage knowledge sharing, discuss projects they share,and more.

An employee portal helps eliminate unnecessary administrative hurdles HR departments may face. An HR management system with self-service features provides employees with quick access to information such as benefits, time-off requests, training & development programs, and other personal details. Providing employees convenient access to information that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to readily find empowers them and also builds trust in the organization.

Employees of all age groups have a common desire for career growth. If organizations don’t provide formal training and development, employees may start looking for other opportunities. HR solutions that offer performance management help align business goals with training and learning initiatives. This ensures that the organizations are developing the right skills within the workforce and allows it to pair up employees for mentor ship opportunities. This could benefit both the inexperienced and more skilled employee, and help create a culture of improvement.

A robust HR software solution not only offers employees the opportunities to take part in their own development, but it also provides transparency about where each employee needs improvement.

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