How does an Online Document Management System Benefit Your Organization?

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“Well, we use word processing software and we have created a repository in our central server where we store our files. We have clearly-defined folders and everyone knows where to save their files. It’s simpler and cheaper, really. I don’t think we need an online Document Management System (DMS) for our workplace.”

This is one of the most-heard replies when we pitch our DMS solution to our leads and prospects. So, if you have a shared folder in your central repository which everyone can access. Does that mean that you don’t need an online DMS anymore?

No. An online DMS is much more than a mere folder for storage and retrieval. It’s a business productivity application that lets organizations streamline, automate, and organize their documents and files securely. It comes with a host of benefits:

Complete visibility: Ever had a colleague, intentionally or unintentionally, delete some of your work? Ever had a situation where you forgot to save your document in the right folder?

With a DMS, there is no scope for such mishaps. The system tracks every operation that a document is put through including the employee who’s doing it. Users can pull a complete audit trail of every document to know who’s worked on it and when.

Data portability: As it is an online solution, you can access the application securely from anywhere. Your admin can assign you access privileges so that you always have access to the information you need.

Workflow management: Every document or file has an approval workflow; with a DMS you can define this workflow and ensure that the route is being completely followed.

Secure system: Can you vouch that all your documents are always secure? Document management system offers a secure repository where your data is always kept safe.

So, reasons enough to deploy a DMS? Click on the link to know more. Or leave a comment if you have any questions.

2 thoughts on “How does an Online Document Management System Benefit Your Organization?

  1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful article on Online Document Management System. It’s one of the best articles I have read in recent times. Keeping all your documents organized on a DMS is far better and much more secure as compared to making a pile of them at your home/office.

  2. The ease of having a document management system and the benefits it gives makes me never want to go back to filing physically. It not only saved us time and cost but essentially it is also good for the environment because it reduces the waste left after papers too!

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