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How Time Management Software Helps Organizations

Time management software allows organizations to automate and accelerate employee time & attendance management and offers organizations a way to improve employee punctuality and productivity. It offers HR the facility to organize time-related data. With this, managers can access their team members’ data and quickly approve time-off requests.

The software facilitates organizations with absence planning & time record keeping of their employees. It helps organizations perform better by providing improved visibility into workforce productivity. Information can be made available on any device. Analytics support decision-making.

A basic time and attendance management solution provides the following basic facilities.

  • Absence management: It enables managers to approve requests & employees to manage their time-related events even on mobile devices. And with better management of time-related data, staff performance can be taken to new heights. The power of the cloud can be used to accelerate & automate absence management processes from any where & any time. All of these in-turn help plan, evaluate, and record employee absences efficiently.

  • Time-sheet & Time-capture: Efficiently enter & review time assignments for employees’ payment needs. Time-capture facilitates recording & tracking the time and attendance details of employees on any device. Time sheets can be used to assign & calculate the right billings & payments. It improves workforce insights, time management compliance, and employee satisfaction and increases manager’s visibility into their teams’ schedules. Right payments can be calculated and processed by feeding overtime directly into the payroll system.

  • Workforce management: It allows employees to lower employee absence costs by tracking employee time & absence schedules and enhances workforce management to direct employee leave, scheduling, and time. It helps organizations manage complex human resource needs and even offers to capture hours worked and control costs with a single, centralized cloud-based SaaS solution that can automate complex pay rules with complete accuracy.

  • Benefits: Time management software allows organizations to streamline all human resource processes related to allocation of workforce payment, record-keeping, and time assignments. It offers deep insight into workforce availability and helps with a higher level of employee engagement.

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