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HR Management Software Offers a Lot of Help to SMBs

In most new businesses, even seemingly simple tasks like on-boarding new hires, monitoring required forms, updating the employee directory, and follow-up of reviews get more complex when more employees are added and office space extends.

Besides negating the need for individual spreadsheets for individual operations, a cloud-based HR management software takes advantage of such conditions offering entrepreneurs & HR managers the chance to trace who’s who? What? Where? And how they are doing?

It helps keep an up-to-date staff database, document personnel records, and create directories & hierarchical charts, thereby acting as the organization’s system of record for all things personnel-related.

As such, software is built on an integrated database of personnel information, and moreover, it delivers reports that HR departments or entrepreneurs can use to analyze staffing allocations, compensation expenses, and turnover etc.

Other than this, vendors offer several other modules like contract, document management system, posting job openings, procurement, tracking applicants, expense, CRM, scheduling shifts, payroll, managing time-off requests, administering benefits, and setting performance reviews & goals etc. The package takes some of the pain out of the process with easy-to-navigate user interfaces (UI).

However, in the case of the most configurable of these packages, a simple UI is offset by huge setup & continuous administrative complexity. A high level of configurability allows both employees & admin level users to set up policies, dashboards/rules to their interest.

Good platforms offer a plethora of help, including video tutorials, setup wizards, live chat, dedicated project managers, account executives, support teams, phone support, and some vendors also could walk customers through the implementation process.

Today, more vendors entered business as SaaS-based HR software is in demand. Features, functions & configurability that only appeared in bigger organizations’ platforms now is available in core human resource management software for SMBs.

SutiHR competes head to head with these vendors, all of who used years of selling on-premise HR management software to mid & large sized businesses to launch cloud-based services for smaller companies.

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