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Inculcating and Developing Leadership Skills among Employees

Inculcating and developing leadership skills among employees can pay off in a number of ways – they start taking on more responsibilities, be more accountable, and also allow for internal promotions instead of searching outside. Here are some tips on doing this.

Thorough analysis and feedback

There are some who say that leaders are born with the attitude; however even for these naturals, their leadership skills have to be honed and improved. For others, these skills have to be inculcated and made a habit. Therefore, it is necessary to have a thorough analysis and feedback program for the same. The areas for improvement need to be identified and worked upon.

Contribution to the team

The leader is a part of the team just as much as lowly members and therefore needs to contribute his or her bit to the team. Respect is earned, and a leader who shirks from his responsibilities will have no respect from the team members. Therefore, the leader has to, above all, ensure that his performance is up to the mark at all times.

Communication skills

Above all, a leader must be effective in communication.  Therefore, one of the first leadership skills to develop is effective communication. All the talent and knowledge in the world will be of no use if they cannot be communicated effectively.

Initiative and flexibility

A leader must be able to take the initiative and be the first in line to do things. Also, in today’s changing world, rigidity has no place and leaders have to be highly flexible to suit these needs. Leaders should also have empathy and be able to motivate employees to bring the best from them. This is what organizations should look to bring out from their employees.

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