Integrated HR Platform: One Solution for End-to-end Workforce Management

Mid-sized businesses have traditionally been forced to manage their operational needs with spreadsheets and individual systems offered by various vendors. They are looking for an ideal solution that can help deliver a greater return from their workforce expenses and eliminate barriers to employee productivity. Integrated HR platform offers smarter, faster, and more efficient workforce management that not only makes their present processes easier, but also provides new opportunities to control labor costs and enhance workforce productivity.

The solution creates a smooth flow of information across HR, payroll, and benefits administration so that each department of your organization can work together utilizing accurate data. The integrated HR system not only consolidates duplicate sources of data and automates business processes but also saves costs by instantly and accurately recording billing information and helping your business avoid financial discrepancies. The solution provides high visibility into operational data so that it is easier for you to determine how your decisions will affect other areas of the organization.

Mobile and self-service technologies allow employees to quickly view and modify their personnel information on the move. The ability to modify personnel information, view pay stubs, and manage benefits from a mobile device gives your employees a piece of mind and also enables them to stay productive at work. The software solution makes it easier for you to manage benefit plans that help attract and retain talented employees.

With SutiHR, a centralized human resource management platform, your employees will have a single data profile that ensures real-time accuracy from hire-to-retire. The flexible software is easy to customize and scales as your business develops.


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