Integration of SutiSign with SutiHR Eliminates Paper and Improves Processing Speed

Paperwork is one of the biggest challenges faced by organizations around the world today. The…

Paperwork is one of the biggest challenges faced by organizations around the world today. The ancillary activity sometimes ends up taking more time than it should, keeping HR professionals occupied and wasting their productive time. Of course, maintaining up to date documentation is one of the mandates of the HR team but it should not end up keeping HR professionals from carrying out their more important tasks.

What’s needed therefore is a way to make documentation easy and painless. Processing of documents must take the least time possible and be convenient for employees, senior management, and HR professionals. Recognizing this need, many organizations switched to electronic documentation but there is still one small gap – signatures.

During employee on boarding, performance management, and for other miscellaneous needs, HR professionals need the signatures of employees signifying their approvals or authentication. In such cases, HR professionals are compelled to print out the documents and get signatures in ink. If this issue can be solved, the entire process can be digitized, paper eliminated, and processing speed improved.

This is where the integration of SutiSign with SutiHR comes in handy. The integration allows organizations to get documents signed digitally, thereby eliminating completely the need for paper. The entire process becomes much more streamlined and efficient.

Here are some of the benefits of the integration:

  • Streamlining on boarding and performance reviews
  • Ease and convenience in filling out and signing different kinds of forms
  • Complete visibility and audit trail
  • End-to-end digitization of HRM processes

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