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Although the payroll processing seems to be easy, but in reality, it is not. There are a number of aspects to be looked into while processing payroll of each employee. HR professionals face numerous issues like calculating time and attendance accurately, contractual obligations, tax compliance and other withholding tasks in regards to payroll processing.

Since payrolls need to be processed, reviewed, and validated carefully, HR professionals need to invest lot of time and efforts. A little negligence might result in major consequences-impacting the financial stability of the company. Therefore, effective payroll management software that can carry out the end-to-end HR activities is highly required in the current scenario.

Fortunately, you can alleviate all such issues and gain a better control with SutiHR. When you switch to SutiHR, you can seamlessly process the employee payroll, no matter the size of the organization. We understand that every company has a payroll policy and has built our software with complete customization to match your business requirements. The best thing about our software is that it can integrate with various payroll systems such as ADP, Paylocity, Traxpayroll, etc. This feature can make our software one-size-fit to all the companies.

Here are a few key features that our software brings in upon integration:

  • Create flexible pay structures across hierarchies,
  • Automates payroll processing by integrating with the time & attendance module,
  • Export the information in the required format supporting the company’s policy,
  • Automatically calculates and reconciles time worked, time-off, time used, etc.
  • Effective tracking of PTO
  • Manages everything with respect to tax filing
  • Access to detailed general ledger reports to gain better control over payroll

On the whole, SutiHR makes your payroll processing less frustrating and hassle-free.

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