Introducing SutiExpense’s New Features

In expense management, the approval workflow is generally based on a role-based hierarchy. Your very own reporting manager gets to approve or reject your expense report even though you incurred those expenses across multiple projects, some of which have other managers leading them. So, if you want to segregate your expenses and gain approvals for different expenses from respective project managers, you can’t. Until now, that is. To give clients the flexibility to let approvals happen across individual projects, we are offering the project-based approval feature.

This is one of the many new features of SutiExpense 6.1, the latest version of our online expense report software solution. With the intention to offer more and more flexibility and customization for our users as we go, we introduced several new features in this version.

How the project-based approvals feature works: The administrator has the option to change the approval hierarchy from a role-based one to a project-based one. Once this has been done, the user creates the expense report and the software automatically routes the report to the pertinent project managers for approval.

Another new feature is email customization. In the course of expense management, several tasks have to be executed, and automated email notifications are sent to all the parties involved in the task regarding the same. For example, when a supervisor approves an expense report prepared by an employee, both the supervisor and the employee get email notifications informing them of the execution of the task.

So far, SutiExpense offered its clients templates which could not be edited. However, starting with this version, the content in these emails can be customized as per the needs of the customer.

In identifying expense line items, icons play a very important role. Through intuitive icons like a car or a hotel building, one can understand the nature of the expense line item at a glance. While we offer an extensive list of line items with intuitive icons paired up with them, some line items are native to some organizations and they might need new ones.

The latest version of our software comes with an icon repository, from which users can add icons to new, customized line items. Other new features include expense limits, customized payment methods, and more. Go to for more details.