Latest Features of SutiHR

Latest Features Of SutiHR

SutiHR’s new features provide organizations with greater flexibility in their workforce management processes. The advanced capabilities include innovations to expand its unified solution, drive performance and streamline important tasks for recruitment, onboarding, and employee management.

HR managers now have an option to upload documents that are sent by the candidates under the Employment Details section.

Benefits Documents tab has been added to documents in personal records. Benefits documents that are uploaded through the documents module are made available in this section. This tab is made available based on the privileges given by the HR manager.

Job posting details URL format has been changed.

Employment Details tab has been added to documents sections in personnel records.

When rejecting a candidate, HR managers can now provide a reason for the rejection.

Added search option for all dropdown fields on New Requisition page.

Based on experience, time off balance is now calculated with monthly pro-rata.

Carry forward and total adjustments values are now displayed separately on accruals details page

In the year of joining, time off balance is prorated based on joining date an employee.

Flat paid hours’ has been added to payroll settings. For salaried employees, HR managers can set flat paid hours for a particular pay period. The total worked hours will be balanced to the flat paid hours when an employee’s worked hours exceed the defined hours.

In payroll, worked hours of a salaried employee will be calculated based on the flat paid hours.

Total hours (fractions), total hours (hours & minutes), and pay type columns are added to Export Payroll Timesheet Data Report.

The solution now provides approve and reject options for each timesheet. It enables approvers to approve/reject multiple timesheets at a click of a button.

A few UI changes have been made to Timesheet Log page in Timesheet pop-up. Users can easily find the modifications that are made to the timesheets.

HR managers can assign multiple onboarding tasks to an employee at a time.

Based on the unit level settings, notifications will be sent to the selected users once an onboarding task is completed.

When an onboarding task is assigned, a notification will be sent to the employee who is responsible to complete it.

Candidates can now upload documents through the link provided in the offer letter.

Users/super administrators can add billing details when registering a company.

The application allows HR administrators to upload multiple documents at a time in personnel records.

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