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Lead Nurturing Practices that Lead to Success – Part Two

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In the previous post, we saw how engagement and customer development can help us nurture our leads and bring them to the finish line. Continuing the discussion in this post, we’ll see some more practices.

Have a strategy: Unfortunately, all too often, organizations do not have a strategy in place to nurture their leads. There are no clear guidelines on where to start and sometimes, there is no clear division of responsibilities. Ad hoc lead nurturing campaigns and inconsistent nurturing practices only serve to harm you instead of improving your chances of converting the lead. Ensure that a sound strategy with a clear division of responsibilities is in place.

Don’t interrupt: That the leads gave you permission to send them content is not a cue for you to bombard them with newsletters or other related content. No one likes to be interrupted unnecessarily. Remember that the leads are indeed interested in your product or service and some extraneous factor is keeping them from finalizing the transaction. Too much engagement can turn the leads away from you. Keep your engagement optimal.

Keep an eye on the competition: You are not the only vendor out there offering what the leads want (if you are, good for you!). Sometimes, your leads take more time to decide because they are either looking for a more affordable solution or a solution that suits their needs more. Chances are that they will be scoping the market for other solutions. To ensure that you don’t lose your leads to your competitors, keep an eye on your competitors and their offering. You should be agile enough to react to any changes in market conditions.

Ranking leads: Not all leads have the same reason. Some wait for want of budget, some for a time, and some for some other reason. Some need a lot of convincing while some need just a little push. Rank your leads according to the priority you need to engage them in and then implement your strategies instead of expending time giving everyone the same treatment.

For best results, use online CRM software. It helps you with lead nurturing among other associated activities.

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