Making Corporate Travel Work for Millennials

Making Corporate Travel Better for Businesses

Surely, there is a need for expense report software to manage corporate travel when you have hundreds of employees flying across the world. Simply implementing a decent travel policy will not help – there are too many people traveling and too much spending occurring. Luckily, having an expense report software solution can help growing companies. While it might seem expensive, there are a lot of good reasons to go for it.

Corporate Travel Control

Most mid-size companies don’t have strict rules in place for business travel. As there is no travel manager or central booking system – booking flights, paying for them with a private credit card and getting reimbursed later would cost your business more. Without implementing a structured travel policy, it seems impossible to get a good ROI. Recent research revealed that many companies fail to meet employees’ expectations during business trips.

Travel Policy for Millennials

Millennials are reshaping business travel. A good travel policy for the new generation involves flexibility. The policy should allow employees to book flight tickets whenever they want to and not force them to book only on specific days. The same should go for accommodation. Giving them a good amount of time to relax on location makes perfect sense. Of course, this doesn’t mean all employees should fly business class. Simply taking care of your employees by giving them extra perk can improve your ROI. When you have more business travel, a convenient travel policy can make a big difference.

Efficient Booking

When your employees book travel or accommodation, they don’t have time to look for the best deals, which could end up costing you a lot of money. That’s why implementing an online expense report software solution could help you. The system automatically picks the best deals on flights and hotels; resulting in time and money saved. In addition, you will have complete control over your employee spending. Your company’s travel booking solution should be easy-to-use, mobile and offer great benefits to improve the booking experience. This means that all modes of transportation and accommodation can be booked from a single interface, instead of having to browse through multiple websites. It is an efficient way to deal with corporate travel, saving you valuable time.

Having a good travel program can mean a lot for your company. Not only would this benefit your business bottom line but your employees will feel more satisfied – increasing talent retention.

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