Manage your Employee Attendance in an Automated Way with HR Management Software

Attendance management is one of the biggest problems for every HR manager. As employees have…

Attendance management is one of the biggest problems for every HR manager. As employees have a lot of things to manage each day, sometimes they may forget to record their arrival and departure times. Here comes the attendance tracking issue, which may show a great impact on payroll processing.

In this case, it is up to the manager to manually make changes to the employee attendance or allow employees to make changes to their attendance entries. Though this saves time, sometimes employees may not record their timings accurately. All such problems can be avoided with the SutiHR time management module.

Our time management system allows you to manage attendance entries effectively. All the entries can be recorded so that the right manager can quickly decide to approve or reject the change.

Also, HR does not have to spend time chasing employees for time records; whenever an employee missed recording an entry, a notification will be triggered so that they can punch in again. Every in and out data will be recorded so that the HR manager can easily get the time log data whenever they require without any delays.

Also, leave management is one of the key aspects that need to be dealt very carefully by HR. Tracking employee time off will become a nightmare if not dealt with effectively. Our online HR software will make things simple by automating the tracking procedures.

Since different organizations have different leave policies in place, the HR management software solution should scale up to these organization needs. The leave policy you enforce should consider the workflow criteria and employee requirements to reach the employee level of satisfaction. Having employee leave management system in a company will ensure that:

  • The leave is applied and granted through a centralized system
  • Departments can ensure they have minimum manpower while granting leave
  • Automated notifications can be triggered to all the respective managers so that the time off request can be approved at the earliest
  • Payroll processing becomes easy with integrated time management software
  • All the required data will be made available at anytime

With online HR management software, your organization can reduce costs and eliminate the manual and time-consuming process of attendance management.

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