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Mobile Devices in Corporate Workflows – How to Deploy and Protect

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The integration of mobile devices in business workflows has distinct advantages, irrespective of whether they are centrally deployed or brought in by employees. Offering wireless access to business resources can significantly improve productivity for remote workers. However, there are some challenges, especially when it comes to data security. An integrated enterprise mobility management policy helps manage security risks as well as productivity concerns and ensure safe and efficient use of wireless devices.

Mobile device deployment involves a one-time initial connection with enterprise servers, after which the devices will regularly report back to the servers and can be remotely managed. Deployment should be streamlined as much as possible. Business-owned devices should always be incorporated with mobile device management (MDM) tools prior being handed over to employees. Employee-owned devices should not be permitted until they have been equipped with an MDM solution.

Several measures need to be defined to make sure that the business emails, documents, and others cannot be accessed when a device is lost or stolen. Sophisticated technologies should be implemented to locate the stolen or lost devices, lock them or to reset them to the factory default, and wipe all the data on the device.

Wireless devices, whether business-owned or employee-owned, need to offer a controlled environment, making sure that applications cannot cause compatibility issues or spread malware. Implementing mobile application management is one of the best ways to control the functionality of devices, balancing security with usability.

Mobile devices are vulnerable to online attacks – several protection measures should be configured for all managed wireless devices. Real-time protection secures devices all the time without requiring user interactions.

Sophisticated enterprise mobility management software helps you increase productivity while guaranteeing security.

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